17 Ways to Create Buzz for Your Blog


You’ve taken the leap…you’ve started a blog. However, you’re struggling to gain any momentum or exposure. Just because you start a blog and write frequently doesn’t mean anyone will ever find your posts. You have to put in some work after hitting publish to build an audience. Here are 17 ways to create buzz for your blog.

How to Create Buzz for Your Blog


1. Create a social media presence. Sign up for a few accounts and write a strong, short description of your business with a link to your website. Bonus tip: Use your real name- you’ll seem more human! 
2. Enhance your blog’s search engine optimization. 
3. Build an e-mail list. 
4. Send out a periodic newsletter with valuable content. Newsletter marketing is one of the most effective and valuable marketing techniques with a high return on investment. 
5. Guest post on established blogs that have a large following of your target audience. 
6. Allow guest posters to write for your blog to attract their following to your site. 
7. Host a contest through your own blog and social media. Offer an irresistable prize and set entry guidelines to generate a lot of interest. 
8. Hand out your business cards. 
9. Join LinkedIn groups and participate actively in them. Post your own content, questions, and other interesting articles. You should also consistently check in and interact on other posts. 
10. Join Facebook groups as well and participate as much as you can. There are many groups devoted solely to bloggers, which can help you learn more about blogging while also promoting your posts. 
11. Pin your posts on Pinterest. 
12. Answer questions on Twitter and forums. Leave your blog link at the end of every comment. 
13. Use Buffer or another program to schedule consistent social media posts sharing your content. 
14. Create a product you can sell and develop as a passive income source. 
15. Offer freebies that are relevant to your blog. For example, a blogger focusing on graphic design could offer a free set of downloadable social icons. 
16. Participate in an Instagram loop giveaway. Connect with a few bloggers or business owners you admire who have a decent following and aren’t your competitors. Offer a giveaway (usually for a gift card that your dream reader would love to win), and set a date and time to post an image on your accounts portraying the giveaway. Each of you tags one of the other hosts to create a “loop”. To enter, users follow each host by clicking on the photo to go to the next host’s profile. This is a great way to expand your following. 
17. Host a webinar. A webinar is essentially a virtual tutorial or lesson. Build anticipation prior to the webinar to generate a large following. Most webinars are offered for free to focus on building exposure by attracting a larger audience.




For a more in-depth guide on blogging, take a look at the Blogging Bombshell e-course here.




How do you create buzz for your blog? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Anna

    May 12th, 2016 at 1:21 AM

    These are all great ideas, but of course it all goes back to having great content and a targeted audience! Otherwise things like giveaways can end up being temporary boosts and not real gains.

  2. Sydney Cruise

    August 3rd, 2016 at 11:00 PM

    Thank you, Anna! You’re so right! Those are the two most important steps of setting a strong foundation for your blog. Thank you for the comment!

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