20 Ways to Market Your Business


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Marketing Your Business


1. Create a social media presence. Sign up for a few accounts and write a strong, short description of your business with a link to your website. Bonus tip: Use your real name- you’ll seem more human! 
2. Send clients a small thank-you gift with a handwritten note. Include a survey so you can learn where improvements need to be made. At the end of your survey, ask for a testimonial to put on your website. 
3. Attend networking events that your target audience also attends. 
4. Start a blog and write consistently. Provide valuable content that is directed toward your niche audience. (Hint: Are you a blogger? There’s a new e-course that you may be very interested in! Learn more by visiting the e-course website.) 
5. Start a direct mail campaign and send out postcards. 
6. Send out cold e-mails with information about your company and let potential clients know you’re available for booking. 
7. Enhance your website’s search engine optimization. 
8. List your websites in industry directories. (Tip: the more links there are to your website, the better your search engine optimization will become!) 
9. Send out a periodic newsletter with valuable content. Newsletter marketing is one of the most effective and valuable marketing techniques with a high return on investment. 
10. Ask for referrals. If past clients were happy with their experience working with you, they should be more than happy to send referrals your way. Send kind reminders every couple of months to keep a healthy flow of word of mouth and referral marketing. 
11. Guest post on established blogs that have a large following of your target audience. 
12. Experiment with Pay Per Click advertising on search engines or social media platforms. 
13. Host a contest through your own blog or social media. Offer an irresistible prize and set entry guidelines to generate a lot of interest. 
14. Hand out your business cards. 
15. Get interviewed by the media. Being featured on the local news or in the newspaper can quickly spread the word about your business. 
16. Join LinkedIn groups and participate actively in them. Post your own content, questions, and other interested articles. You should also consistently check in and interact on other posts. 
17. Pin your work on Pinterest. 
18. Exhibit at a tradeshow or fair. 
19. Answer questions on Twitter and forums. Leave a link to your website at the end of every comment. 
20. Provide your services for free to a non-profit. Non-profits have a lot of connections, and they’ll appreciate your good deed. In turn, you’ll also be building up your portfolio.




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What methods of marketing have proven to be the most effective for your business?



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