How to Write a Great About Page

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People naturally are curious- some more than others, but everyone wonders. Your prospective clients and customers want to know who you are.   What drives you? How’d you get to where you are today? Why should I pick your business and not one of your competitors?   Every industry in today’s day and age is competitive. Create […]


Ask a Developer: “What is Responsive Web Design?”


  WHAT IS IT?   Responsive web design is a technology that allows your website to automatically adjust depending on the width of the browser- i.e. your website visitors will be able to easily view your site with minimal effort from desktop to laptop to tablet to mobile. It’s a great method of design because […]


How to Create Styled Photos Like a Professional


Today I am sharing with you how to create beautiful styled photos you can use for your business, on your website, throughout your social media, or anywhere else you want! Break up your content-heavy website with stunning visuals to really grab your potential clients’ attention. You don’t need to have a professional camera and all […]


8 Steps to a Successful Blog


THE BENEFITS OF A BLOG   – It increases traffic to your website and helps with your search engine optimization  – It establishes a certain credibility for readers  – It can help you get leads by positioning yourself as a expert in your industry   However, if your blog isn’t great, it probably won’t benefit you. […]


6 Simple Things Your Website Could Be Missing


“I have a beautiful website, but I’m not getting any inquiries!”   “I have a professional site, but somehow I’m not making any sales.”   If this sounds like you, consider 6 simple things your website might be missing that are commonly overlooked or forgotten.   1. Call to action   Your website, either somewhere on the […]


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