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Do you ever wonder why you can’t find your business’s website on search engines? Search engine optimization can require a lot of patience, time, effort, and potentially money. However, many business owners tend to be unaware of one of the key aspects to boosting your search engine ranking: link building. Link building is actually one of the best ways to enhance your marketing because search engines heavily rely on this when determining how you rank for specific search terms. Today, I am going to tell you a little about what link building is, why you need it, and how to get started.

Link Building




Link building is the process of having other sites link to your website. The actual links themselves are commonly referred to as inbound links or backlinks. These are links that are found on other websites that, when clicked on, will take the user to your website.




The more links there are on other websites pointing back to your own, the more reliable search engines will believe your website is. “Trustworthy sites tend to link to other trusted sites, while spammy sites receive very few links from trusted sources” (from Moz). Therefore, the more links you have, the less spammy your site will appear, and the higher your ranking will slowly become. Well, that’s the general gist anyway. 
It’s not a simple or quick process, but link building is very important if you care at all about your search engine optimization. Link building is not only important for your search engine ranking (especially on Google), but it also increases your brand exposure. Obviously, the more places you are present, the more people will learn about you. Take networking for example…the more networking events and groups you attend, the more people you’ll talk to and introduce your company to. Therefore, the more business you’ll eventually gain. The same goes for link building…the more websites your link is included on, the more people you’ll also introduce your company to. Therefore, search engines will begin increasing your ranking due to your “popularity.”




1. Ask past customers, friends, and family


Reach out to everyone you know and tell them you’d greatly appreciate it if they would post a link to your website (if they have their own website or blog). The bigger and more popular the website is that is linking to you, the better, but it can’t hurt to have many links even on smaller, less known websites.


2. Start a blog


I recently wrote a post on 3 reasons why you need a blog, and search engine optimization was one of those reasons. By writing consistent, high-quality content and publishing it onto your blog, you’ll soon gain a nice following of loyal readers. Those readers will then begin to share your posts because they’re just that share-worthy, and in turn you will have just built a new link!


3. Get listed in directories


Many industries have online directories where you can (usually for free) link to your website with a short bio and contact information. These directories are typically larger, more popular websites, and getting your website listed can go a long way. For the events industry, great directories to look into are The Knot, OneWed, and Wedding Wire. A quick search on Google for “(your industry) online directory” will do the trick to help you discover new sites to get published on.


4. Approach others


Reach out to other business owners and ask if they’d be willing to link to your website. Offer to do an exchange, and let them know about the benefits if they’re unaware.


5. Do your research


Search your competitors to see what sites are linking back to them. Typically, if a site is willing to link to your competitor, they’ll be willing to link to yours as well.




Have you worked on your link building? If so, have you seen results yet?



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