CATEGORY: Blogging


You’ve taken the leap…you’ve started a blog. However, you’re struggling to gain any momentum or exposure. Just because you start a blog and write frequently doesn’t mean anyone will ever find your posts. You have to put in some work after hitting publish to build an audience. Here are 17 ways to create buzz for […]

CATEGORY: Business


With everything relying so heavily on technology nowadays, it’s likely you’re getting swamped with email messages every day. It’s crucial that you find a system that works for you to help you manage your inbox and stay on top of your messages. Let’s look at a few simple ways you can streamline your inbox.   […]


One of the most common debates in the world of web development is stating what the best platform is. Everyone has their opinions and their reasonings for their decision, but today I am presenting you with five facts as to why you should jump on the WordPress bandwagon.   1. It’s self-hosted.   What does […]

CATEGORY: Brand Styling


Many business owners come to me asking for a new brand, new look, and new image. However, they often are unsure as to what to do after they’ve been branded. Once you’ve been branded, there are steps you can take to fully harness the potential of your new look.   1. Announce your launch   […]

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