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Tiare Floral Design Studio is an award-winning floral design studio based in Washington state. The company provides stunning, unique arrangements and floral art for any occasion while focusing greatly on being eco-friendly by working with local vendors and sustainable resources. Thomasi, the owner, is a native of Fiji, and as a result, most of his work is inspired by Polynesian cultures.

We took the company’s current black and white logo and created a more colorful palette with green and red; gray was used to round out the palette and a bold wooden texture was implemented to add some extra dimension to Thomasi's new website. From there, we designed a full-width, bold website with many offset elements to match the company’s unique and exciting work and personality. Tiare Floral Design Studio’s new website now vividly portrays the amazing pieces Thomasi creates while being inspired by and fused with his and many of his clients’ original heritage.


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