You’ve Launched Your New Brand. Now What?


Many business owners come to me asking for a new brand, new look, and new image. However, they often are unsure as to what to do after they’ve been branded. Once you’ve been branded, there are steps you can take to fully harness the potential of your new look.

New Brand Launch


1. Announce your launch


The very first thing you’ll be eager to do once your brand has launched is spread the news. Consider throwing a launch party…rent a space, print out some invitations, and plan a great party with some creative ideas and incentives to grab prospective clients’ and local business owners’ attention. Even if attendees aren’t in need of your services personally, chances are high that if they are impressed by your party, they’ll keep your company in mind for referrals to friends and colleagues. 
Another great way to spread the word about your new brand is to start sharing visual evidence on social media. I provide all of my clients with a couple of photos to help them with this. One is a teaser that says “launching soon” and the second is the final project that says “just launched”. These are great for all social media platforms, and with consistent sharing are bound to drive traffic to your new brand.


2. Make your brand cohesive


Your brand is a lot more than your logo and color palette. When you get branded or rebranded, you should take a look at all aspects of your business and do some re-evaluating. Consider your client process and forms…do they match your new image? Every business needs to be refreshed every so often, and this is the best time to do it. Your aesthetic should be cohesive throughout all elements, from your contract to your e-mail signature to your packaging.


3. Market and network


Now that you’ve finalized your entire brand and drawn attention to your launch, you need to take your marketing a step further. Let past clients know about your new look by sending out gorgeous postcards or a beautiful newsletter offering a referral incentive; if they bring you new clients, give them a gift to thank them for their recommendation. Next, search for some local networking events in your area, and pick a couple to attend. When you’re there, the goal should be to meet as many people as possible in the given time without seeming rushed or uninterested in who you’re currently talking to. Make sure you bring plenty of your new business cards along with you to pass out. This is why it’s paramount that your new image is easily seen and felt throughout all aspects of your branding. Lastly, consider a press release to announce your new brand. However, make sure you have something else to announce aside from just your new brand. Ideally you should announce a new incentive or your upcoming launch party to help gain attention. A press release usually costs a couple hundred dollars but it can have a huge return on investment because it can spread the word throughout many avenues.




What was the most effective method for you to spread the word about your new brand launch?



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